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April 26, 2005
Do You Care?

I started to write about how Italy doesn't like us much these days since we decided that the USofA soldiers who killed intelligence agent Nicola Calipari and wounded journalist Guiliana Sgrena and an unnamed driver, did nothing wrong.

(I find my brain distracted by George Bush's reported "friendship" with Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. He's been under investigation for bribery and fraud off and on for quite a long time now. (Berlusconi, not Bush, although I can see how you'd make that mistake.) In addition to being Italy's Prime Minister, he's at the head of a huge business conglomerate that has its fingers in almost every corner of Italian life. I started to made a snide remark about how I'm not surprised he's Bush's friend if he's rich and alleged to be a crook but what the heck.)

Berlusconi's government is in trouble, not the least because of his meddling in Italian law in an attempt to provide himself and his buddies immunity from prosecution for their alleged misdeeds (sounds very....no, must resist), and this problem with the USofA isn't going to help. Calipari is something of a hero in Italy and the USofA's pigheadedness around admitting any fault in his death is putting Bush's "friend" in a very awkward place.

As I understood it, originally we said it was a mistake and we were sorry, but then we took it back. That's not sitting well with Italy.

I decided not to write about the whole thing, though.

The story hasn't gotten much USofA media play so obviously we don't care much.

The two Italian members of the investigating panel or committee or whatever have withdrawn in protest, refusing to accept the USofA's version of events, but reports of the incident have huge disparities, so we're never gonna know the truth.

Like, the reports of Sgrena's "shoulder wound" we saw in the USofA media? Well...those weren't exactly wrong. From all I've read, she was wounded in the shoulder. But I notice the USofA MSM doesn't usually mention she also had a punctured lung from flying shrapnel. Nor do you see many mentions of the driver in the MSM. He was wounded, too, you know. Sounds to me like the MSM is making an attempt to downplay the seriousness of the incident.

Or, maybe they knew right off the bat that we weren't going to care that much?

Now Italy is mad at us because we sort of have a history of killing Italians and then saying it wasn't our fault. (Remember when one of our military jets was hot-dogging around a ski area and flew far too low, severing a ski lift cable and killing 29 civilians? We investigated us and we decided we didn't do anything wrong.)

So, you know. In case you care, that's what's happening.

I thought you should know, because if what you know of the incident came from the USofA press, the story doesn't quite sound like it did in the European press.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:35 AM