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April 26, 2005
If You Care

Hmmm....is Russia's Putin another of Bush's "friends"?

In a broadly pro-business state of the nation address, Putin made some more specific proposals than he has in previous speeches, suggesting the abolishment of the inheritance tax and an amnesty for undeclared income.

Speaking of "friends", it's possible, sort of, that Tom DeLay is not a crook, but at the very best he's extremely ethically challenged in a way that reveals the worst of our political system. Throw the bum out. (Also? Anyone desperate enough to want to "bask" in whatever "glow" comes off of a president whose approval rating is steadily tanking is desperate indeed.)

Maybe we should follow Korea's lead in trying to clean up our democratic processes?

In the "Who's Up Next?" game, a lot of countries have been mentioned. I'm wondering if Venezuela should be one of them? (Not "should" as in, "it's our business to tell them how to run their country" but "should" as in, "Bush looks pouty whenever Chávez is mentioned, which could be significant.")

Speaking of us interfering in other people's countries, a Chinese columnist takes the USofA to task for exporting faulty products. Namely, a soiled version of "democracy."

And, speaking of soiled democracy? Politics, religion, and following the pay-off trail money. Most of us have heard of Ralph Reed in connection with that unsavory Indian casino deal, but it's always worth refreshing your memory.

The disintegrating wall between church and state is no laughing matter since millions of " Christians" will support any "Christian" initiative, regardless of whether or not they agree with it. (On the other hand, Borowitz makes it funny.)

For those interested in the latest corporate fraud scandal, an expansion of AIG's "accounting problems" has been announced.

And then there's Adelphi Communications Corporation, reportedly paying the government a hefty $715 million to settle allegations of accounting fraud.

And Huntington (a "multi-bank holding company), offering up $7.5M to put an end to an investigation by the SEC into "accounting fraud."

In the aftermath of a tsunami, need is at war with greed.

For those who care about animals, a follow-up on that slaughter of wild mustangs.

For those who care about, oh, I don't know, personal ethics, maybe, a story of one man doing his bit to muddy the political waters.

For those who care about air safety, you need to understand that muzzling air marshals does not make us safer. It just shuts up anyone who might be in a position to knowledgeably criticize the Bush Administration's tactics in preventing terrorist attacks on USofA soil.

For those who care about labor rights, maybe we should be paying attention to the attempts of graduate students to win better treatment? Where is it written that a union has to be a blue-collar organization? Nowhere, that's where. This country has plenty of white-collar unions. Plus which, while it might seem odd to think of unionizing a university, things wouldn't have come to this if universities treated this labor pool with any fairness. Like any "industry" the universities have taken advantage of their labor pool just one too many times.) As far as that goes, a careful read of the article indicates that it's not just a rumor that "corporatization" is on the move inside of most of our higher learning facilities.

For those who care about outsourcing, it continues to spread to new industries. This time it's the illegal (prescription) drug trade.

Look here! Click the links for truly stunning new Hubble pictures (and links to previous pictures. Here's the Eagle Nebula. Here's the Whirlpool Galaxy.

Blair? Boo or boom? Approval, or Bush-quality spin? Someone could ask the kids, but that would shut down this very entertaining discussion.

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Click on my linked name below for more on your intuitions regarding Venezuela. Let's not forget Brazil and Uruguay, either.

Posted by: Dr. Fallon at April 26, 2005 12:05 PM

Thank you.

Posted by: Anne at April 29, 2005 09:31 PM