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April 27, 2005
Headline Watch

Watching Togo. There's widespread belief that the voting was rigged and previous reports of a coalition government don't seem to be panning out.

Via Alternet's Peek, I read that most of us are happy with PBS and NPR just the way they are. Which is problematic for the new leadership, which would like to move both of them to the Right and dumb them down. (What kind of idiot put a guy who thinks People Magazine is worth reading, in charge of NPR?)

You know who I want to be protected against? Heterosexual men who treat women in public places like a live peep show.

All things popish (Should that be capitalized?) seem to be in the news these days, like this story of a Vatican priest acting as an informant for the Communist secret police in the '80s.

The AsiaTimes is running a series on World Order, Failed States and Terrorism. I haven't had a chance to read it myself yet, but I'll start this evening. From the titles of the various sections, it looks like it covers an interesting variety of topics.

That democracy we exported to Afghanistan sure seems to be working. I'll bet that woman went to her grave grateful to be stoned to death under a more democratic system than she'd have been killed by five years ago.

Looks like the vote is in and Congressional Republicans are going to save some of their quickly disappearing "political capital" for things that are not DeLay. Maybe the Right is bracing itself for an upcoming showdown.

Whatever else happens, the Democrats need to remember the country is behind them on extremist judges and they need to stand their ground on all of the unacceptable nominations. The more of a foothold extremism gets, the more it moves into the mainstream of USofA society.

And, speaking of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez continues stubbornly to insist that the USofA is not the font all all wisdom and grace in the world today and we're going to foment a little mayhem to prove otherwise.

Condaleeza Rice is going south to test the Left-infested waters.

The USofA government continues to be an embarrassment to its citizens in other ways as well. Someone tell them that arresting 16 year-old girls and hiding them away from the public eye really isn't supposed to be the kind of thing this country tolerates.

Maureen Dowd is pretty wound up today.

And Bob Dole, speaking as nobody in particular any more, thinks the Democrats should be ashamed of "abandon[ing] the tradition of mutual self-restraint that has long allowed the Senate to function as an institution." I think Bob's got brain problems and has forgotten the latter half of the '90s, because the only "restraint" I can remember was Republicans not actually dancing in the aisles as they realized they had the power to waste four years and billions of dollars on childish petulance.

C. Boyden Gray (in USAToday echoes the exact same talking points, including a mention of how filibustering a judicial candidate has never, ever, ever happened before, in 200 years. (Mr. Gray was a counsel for Daddy Bush.)

What if it could happen here? From Robert C. Koehler, Tribune Media Services. Those of us watching understand that it's already happening. Inch by inch, vote by vote, election by election, corruption is taking over our democratic voting processes.

Later note: I didn't realize that Digby already blogged this article. His discussion is better.

I was getting tense, and then I read this and now I'm not taking people quite so seriously any more.

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