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April 29, 2005
A Short Ramble

The Bush Administration had a little trouble getting the broadcast networks to cover his chat last night.

(Someone in the White House needs to think. Those of us who were Aaron Sorkin-era West Wing fans know that you don't try to take time from the networks on a Thursday.)

More seriously, networks have a nice, cheap arrangement to use our airwaves ad more than that, they have obligations. They should air presidential press conferences, whether they like it or not. (Okay, no, not during a campaign unless there's a national emergency. But the rest of the time....)

"The networks are in a different kind of business than they were in the Nixon and Reagan years," Kumar said. "It is a business. News is less of a driver than entertainment."

The MSM at work, providing solid value for their twelve cents a year licensing fees.

Of course, I didn't watch the press conference, but I wouldn't have watched television anyhow. I rarely do. I also find I'm more rational about what Bush says if I read the worlds, instead of trying to listen to him talk. So I'll be reading transcriptions and whatnot today. (I started with this.

Anyhow, it was Angel Heart Night (an annual AIDS event) and I had plans to go out to dinner.

(Just exactly how desperate for ratings is Maher?)

More seriously, I read that Guantanamo interrogators actually faked interrogations in front of VIPs, to make it look like they were getting results.

Annan is right and a more credible Human Rights Council is needed in the U.N.

Silly programmer's tricks.

If you visit http://maps.google.co.uk you'll start off with a map showing the southern part of the UK. Zoom out to maximum distance using the slider on the left, and then pan around to see a unique world view that would warm Dubya's cockles...

(The Register)

And, to round out your Friday, an exceptional piece of fiction.

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