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April 30, 2005
Saturday Links

Sorry if anyone had trouble accessing the site earlier today. I'm having some work done on it.

Are the containers we use to store and sell our foods endangering men?

Now Washington has Federici's law. I wish more states had such laws. Have any of us ever not had to swerve dangerously on a highway because of littered debris?

The Colors of Memory

From the bruising backstory of imperial history (think Haiti; think the Philippines) to today's Iraq

Not comfortable reading.

Which leads neatly to the news that Tony Blair agreed to help us invade Iraq in the summer of 2002. That would be, for those of you with short memories, long before Bush announced that we'd tried everything to avoid war.

And, speaking of mistakes (heh). From Le Figaro, the Liberals Against Labor Rights.

With apologies to my academic readers, I have to say that from my point of view, our current university system would collapse without TAs and RAs. They're the unpaid or ill-paid labor source that allows too many university professors to concentrate on publishing instead of professoring. Universities and students would both benefit if the never-going-to-get-a-university-job-myself TAs were adequately recompensed for taking over teaching duties that universities currently don't want to pay for.

They only got a dollar, but nonviolent protestors in California got the verdict. Being held down and having pepper spray "swabbed" directly into your eyes is excessive force. (Well duh.)

Republicans don't know of any ethics problems they could bring up against Democrats but they're sure they can find something.

Expectations that Republicans will use the ethics committee, officially called the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, to retaliate against Democrats for as Republicans see it politicizing the House ethics rules raises the specter that an ethics committee will result in a partisan ethics war.

For once, the idea of a partisan free-for-all doesn't bother me. Maybe if they all start throwing stones, they'll all stop living in glass houses.

AmericaBlog definitely goes on my permanent "daily read" list.

Well, you lose when you debase and abandon the principals that made this country great. You lose when our government can grab American citizens on American soil, throw them in a hole and insist that it never needs to answer to anyone ever about what we've done.

Atrios is right. The only thing he doesn't mention is that the story never would have obsessed CNN if the woman hadn't been white.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:49 PM


TA Unions: Well, this is one academic to whom you don't have to apologize. I agree with you. But you knew that.

Federici's Law: I can't believe "depraved indifference" couldn't be demonstrated for driving an unsecured load on Maryland highways. I know those roads, and if you don't think stuff will bounce out of your truck, you're smoking something....

Container Danger: I wonder if this is the same problem that a HS student got an award for studying a few years back. The thing is, you have to study bleed-out rates before you can draw any connection between the material and the effects. It's probably there, but this report doesn't demonstrate it. That said, I do a lot less microwaving in and under plastic than I used to...

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at May 1, 2005 04:18 AM

If you don't think stuff will bounce out of the back of a truck on any highway, you're crazed. I can't count the number of times I've fought to get away from, or drop back a mile or more from, some truck where the load seemed to teeter at every bump in the road.

I stopped microwaving with plastic almost completely a year or more ago, when I first heard this. I backslide from time to time, but I try to avoid it. (The report I heard was that the heated plastic produced chemicals harmful to everyone.)

(P.S. Yes, I knew you'd agree on the TA situation, but I have a surprising number of academics who swing by here from time to time, and I don't know how all of them feel. Remembering my own experiences with TAs, I have to admit that if I'd known they were unpaid, I'd have been a little easier on a couple of them.)

Posted by: Anne at May 1, 2005 10:02 AM