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May 12, 2005
We're A Fortunate People

Fortunately not all of the economic news is bad. Halliburton just won itself $72 million in bonuses for doing such a fabbo job in Iraq, which should warm the hearts of their stockholders.

And fortunately, we're still a free society, which makes it easy for bigots to stand up and make racist remarks without getting arrested or, as far as I can tell, even frowned at by the general public.

Fortunately, being self-delusional is also still permitted. That means we can pretend something like this is evidence of a progressive tax revolt instead of just another step in the process of dismantling our strong, central government and replacing it with more independent state governments.

(And, with stronger state governments, we might find ourselves fortunate enough to be poor, sick, and mistreated, with no pesky federal interference. *)

And, speaking of fortunate self-delusions, how delusional do you have to be to think 65 people can make a difference? Fortunately the world's trillion-dollar war industry keeps humming along, in spite of peaceniks.

Fortunately, hypocrisy still isn't a crime. Other things are, though. Even if you're a Republican. **

Fortunately, making the same mistakes over and over is also legal, so the "leadership of "the Left" is free to spend a lot of money doing the wrong thing.

We're fortunate that not all the healthcare news is bad. Children can still get medical treatment they may or may not need, even if they have to be held down and stuffed with drugs to make it happen. (Elsewhere in the "civilized world" a few other people are, sometimes, also this fortunate.)

Are we fortunate that whistle-blowing on the government itself is not quite illegal, yet, so we find ourselves reading about just how evil we're becoming?

Fortunately we're still Number One! And we don't have to take orders from anyone, so if we decide some suspected terrorists are entitled to our protection (or even payment) instead of our usual treatment, then that's what we decide We sure don't have to care what other people think of us, do we? (You, there! In the back, with the frown on your face? You watch yourself. Enemies of the State, and all that, you know.)

I worry that I'm turning into a conspiracy theorist


* I heard this covered on NPR*** yesterday morning. It was...astonishing. It seems that the thinking is that if these poor, sick, elderly, and disabled Medicaid recipients have their benefits removed, maybe they'll get off their butts and find themselves jobs. Meanwhile, of course, cutting Medicaid means cutting those jobs held by minimum-wage healthcare workers struggling to provide care for the Medicaid population, further swelling the ranks of the poor and unemployed.

Also, what Missouri essentially wants to do is to eliminate their Medicaid program almost entirely by...can't quite remember the date. 2007 or 2012 or something.


** Seriously. I'm starting to understand the Right's obsession with gay sex, aren't you? They're all fixated on it because they're all closeted.


*** NPR From then to now.****


**** Speaking of NPR, this morning I heard about the "compromise" some Congressmen are trying to work out over judicial nominees. They're trying to work out a way to get "more up-or-down votes" for nominees. The mind boggles. Bush has had an astonishing number of nominees confirmed, many of whom were, by my lights, nutcases. The fact that the Democratic Party choked on the last seven radical wingnuts is just a sign that some vague sense of liberalism does still exist in Congress. If Bush wants seven more nominees confirmed, let him nominate some people qualified for the jobs.

In case I'm not making myself clear, I don't support any compromise on this issue. If the MSM in this country had the courage to just run front-page stories with each nominee's name and their most notable accomplishments, most of the country would be with me on this. Failing that, I hope Congressional Democrats keep both hands on their spines and stand firm in the face of neocon idiocy.

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