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May 12, 2005
On A Day When I'm Much-Annoyed

Is the USofA media doing the Saddam Shuffle over North Korea?

Let's have a vote.

___ Do you think the Congressional 'majority leader' is "slowly and deliberately in an effort to put Republicans in a strong position heading into a showdown with Democrats" on the judicial filibuster issue?

____ Or, do you think Republicans are stalling, secure in the knowledge that no issue stays on the front page for long and if they just bide their time, people will stop paying attention and they can do whatever they want?

It's just wrong to laugh at inappropriate humor that insults respectable dogs, so I didn't laugh. Honestly.

And I'm not even going to start with the Mule Man, except to point out that while some people are doing admirable work discussing the mechanics of accommodating openly homosexual soldiers in the military, they're entirely forgetting the range of perversions and predations that some ostensibly "heterosexual" men seem to be prone to.

(And I maintain, as I always have, that most men worry too much about being abused by a gay man. Most of you aren't that attractive to most gay men, okay? So feel free to fall asleep at night.)

(Although...if more men in the army started having to worry about being raped, maybe they'd give a shit more about the statistics around female soldiers being raped?)

(That sounds like I'm hoping that men have to have that fear...which is not how I mean it. I just mean that while the debate over Our Straight Boys maybe getting some homo-cooties rages on quite publicly, the plight of women in the military is, as the plight of women is prone to be, a matter of indifference to the MSM and, it would seem, most of the general public.) (Do you ever get started on a sentence that just refuses to end?)

I've been thinking about the potential for a Denver convention. If they held it here, I'd try to get in, no doubt about it. I probably couldn't because I'm not a registered Democrat (I'll join their party when they join the Left half of the political spectrum) and no one's going to offer me "blogger credentials" but I'd be fascinated to attend. Opinions I got (although not, apparently, grammar), but I'm no kind of "journalist."

You know, one reason I don't support the current idea of "immigration reform" is because of the kind of thing that's said in defense of it. Like this morning, on NPR, as usual, I heard someone explain that if we create a "guest worker" program, then we can make the thousands of illegal aliens currently in the country come forward, pay a fine, pay back taxes on the money they earned before, learn English, and conform to "American values." I'm offended on so many levels I don't know where to start.

I do them the courtesy of assuming that the Bush Administration didn't know their appointee to the FDA's " Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)," Dr. W. David Hager, was an abusive rapist with, in my opinion, demonstrable mental problems. I do them the courtesy of assuming they care.

"Vetting" doesn't seem to be a thing the Bush Administration cares about. I blogged this guy before, but the bad news just keeps on coming.

I also blogged this story before, but you need to read it again. Priscilla Owens is unfit to sit on any Bench.

This is NOT Your Father's GOP (Click a link while you're over there.)

I don't often disagree with Prometheus, but I do today. I'm a smoker, okay? I understand it's bad for me, it may kill me, and it may lead me to higher health costs. Because of that, I wouldn't object to paying higher rates for my insurance...except for one thing.

That's the kind of thing that never ends. Next thing you know, people who drink more than a moderate and approved amount will be made to pay higher rates, just 'cause they're drunks and we don't like drunks and anyhow what about their livers? Then people who are convicted illegal drug users...or prescription drug abusers, will have to pay more. (I'm looking at you-know-who.)

Then...you knew this one was coming, didn't you...homosexuals, on account of all them gay diseases and they get too much sex and anyhow that one down the street was looking at me funny the other day.

After that, clinically obese people will be made to pay more for their insurance on the grounds that they're deliberately endangering their own health. Then people who eat too much fried food. Then people who don't eat fried food, but also don't eat green vegetables. Then people who don't eat fried food and who do eat green vegetables, but who don't get the approved 30 minutes of exercise daily. Then people who live in high crime areas, places where they're at increased risk of being the victim of a violent crime.

The problem with "sin taxes" (and this is just an insurance company's version of a "sin tax") is that people will keep defining what "sin" is until it includes everyone they personally don't like.

I care nothing about Bush apparently not being notified that yet another White House evacuation was underway. For one thing, I've always maintained that Bush isn't actually, you know, in charge of the country, and I notice that VP Cheney was safely evacuated, so our "leadership," such as it is, was protected. For another...well, there are a lot of things we could be talking about. Why waste our time?

There are no less than six articles and columns on the WaPo front page about this non-event.

More important stories have to fight for the remaining space.

For instance, I personally care a helluva lot more about a fighting squad in Iraq that's suffered a 60% casualty rate.

(Mr. MacMillan? Shut up and drive. I promise you, if you get into an accident and kill yourself or someone else, you will abruptly know just how unimportant those phone calls really were.) (If your headset is that uncomfortable, get a new one. Sheesh.)

(Mr. Broder? Delusional much? The only similarity between Bush being awarded the Presidency in 2000 and Washington's Christine Gregoire winning the Gubernatorial vote in 2004 is that the races were close. Unlike Bush's ill-starred "win" in 2000, Gregoire was placed into office because counting the votes gave her the win. You're using some pretty pathetic arguments when even I can spot that lies without research.)

Maybe stuff like this is why we no longer have investigative journalists? Are they all afraid of being sued for investigating?

Maybe we've found what's wrong with PBS's programming, too. Do they feel shame about taking taxpayer dollars and using them to expose government problems? Is anyone else as appalled as I am by the fact that that question made it into print in a reasonably serious publication?

David Brooks is a White House flunky now? I'm not getting all my memos. (Of course...I could have assumed that from past columns....)

I came back to town this week to discover that Atrios has either developed multiple-personality disorder, or he's got some mighty-fine guest bloggers working on his site. Attaturk was a new voice to me. I'm impressed.

I don't often go to the movies, but I'd go to this one. I understand it's available for viewing on-line. I'm not sure I'm up to a 3-hour documentary on my laptop's rather inadequate screen, but I rather suspect that this is one of those films I really should see.

From here (the Village Voice dissing the new Huffington blog), I got to here and once again found myself marveling at the number of on-line resources I've never heard of.

I followed a link to this and got aggravated all over again, but whatever, I am determined to stay calm today.

The more I broaden my world o'blog reading, the more I wonder why I bother to post at all. I should just point everyone to the good stuff.

I keep wanting to say something about this series but every time I look at the picture, I hurt.

And I read this, and I hurt.

And then I read this and I think maybe they're wrong because I was too young to protest Vietnam and while I understand that the anger could have been corrosive and harmful, screaming into the silence of the internet hasn't made the vast midde-class complacency of the USofA sit up and give a damn about the pain we're causing to ourselves and the world.

That's enough, more than enough, for one lunch hour.

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Thanks for the plug, Anne.

Posted by: Peter at May 12, 2005 02:25 PM

My pleasure. I've been enjoying your blog since it came to my attention.

I look forward to what you'll be offering in the future.

Posted by: Anne at May 12, 2005 06:11 PM