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May 13, 2005
As Mad As Hell

In Uzbekistan, they're storming the castle (metaphorically, of course) to protest unemployment, poverty, and injustice.

Nine more newly freed Afghans have died in anti-USofA protests.

After a car bombing, Iraqis erupt in more violence, protesting the endless war zone they're trapped in.

Students in Nepal are angry. They've "closed down schools and colleges nationwide in continuation of their protests over a police firing last month that left three student leaders injured."

Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Israel are shelling each other.

Also in Lebanon, Christians are angry because they say rules for the upcoming election will unfairly favor Muslims.

Thousands in India are protesting a grenade attack outside a school.

I wish I had something pithy to say to round off this entry, but I don't. All over the world, people are as mad as hell. A lot of them are rightfully mad at us. Those who aren't, aren't because they're in places our government doesn't really care about, so we haven't bothered to help, or hinder, their lives, but that's not really the point.

These people want more out of life. Nothing fancy. Most of these people don't want an IPod or an XBox or stock options.

They want peace. Economic security. Justice. Respect. Some of the fundamental things many of us in this country take for granted, but others are still struggling for.

A shrinking percentage of the world's population is able to rise each and every morning, secure in the knowledge that they will have no trouble eating and that they won't land in jail for walking down the wrong street at the wrong moment.

Millions upon millions of people don't have that luxury.

The world deserves a better solution than what we've offered them during the Bush years.

It deserves more than illegal invasions and arrogant presumptions and dictatorial rules around health care and widespread corruption and fraud.

Every day, people in this country carelessly toss away more freedom, more self-determination, and more democracy than most of the rest of the world ever sees.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:46 AM