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May 13, 2005
Surfing the Blogs

Cynical me. As I was driving home this evening, I was thinking that those proposed military base closures could be ammunition in the political war in D.C. I was thinking that a cross-check of states that voted against Bush or states with troublesome Democratic Senators against the states that have bases closing might be interesting to contemplate.

I thought about Daschle's South Dakota replacement...a Republican who ran on the, "I can protect your jobs" platform in a state where the military base is the second-largest employer in the state. I listened to NPR's reporter explain that typically about 85% of the initially "proposed" base closures go through...giving the White House plenty of cover to "change their mind" about South Dakota, for instance, making wossname a hero in the state.

Turns out I wasn't cynical enough.

I was too cynical in the matter of Doctor (hah!) Hager. The 'alleged' rapist is resigning next month.

Also on Alas, we all told you that the new Pope was an Inquisition kind of guy.

And I don't often disagree with Kevin and Matt but I do this time. I don't want to hear, "lighten up and change your stance on an issue." I am so sick of the Imitation Left shuffling to the Right that I could scream.

You either have principles or you don't. You can compromise on the things that don't matter much, yes, but the separation of church and state is vitally important, and certainly all the more so today when we have religious fanatics starting holy wars for god and oil around the world.

Cough. Sorry. Anyhow, I'm not alone in this feeling. Thankfully.

(Also? Doesn't their bible say something about not strutting around in public bragging about how pious you are? Isn't that one of the no-nos? I'm sure it is. Something about sitting in your closet to do your praying or something. Could someone remind them about that? And I don't know if there's anything in the text about fetishizing the 10 Commandments but purely from a "spirit of the Founders" perspective, forcing citizens to do their public business in buildings slathered with texts from someone else's religion sounds a bit dubious.

David Neiwert's posts are never less than disturbing and never less than exceptionally good reading. In this case, he posts yet another warning against the ugly climate on the rise in our "free" society.

The RealID Act. Be afraid. Be very afraid

The place of blogging in the news culture. Yes, I know. Read it anyhow.

A heartening story of corporate courage.

Sometimes I just need a laugh. Ideological goobers. Heeheehee.

And in the seriously good news category is the revelation that John Cleese is writing the next Wallace and Gromit movie!

I suspect I put on at least three pounds reading this menu and looking at the pictures. (Via Avedon Carol)

For the women...beware of Estrogen Terrorism. (Via Rox Populi.)

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