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May 16, 2005
Lunch Break

Up until now, they've been "insurgents", those people fighting the USofA in Iraq. Granted, reports suggest a fair number of them have, in fact, been from outside of Iraq, but a lot of them weren't. Now I see the LATimes has switched to calling it sectarian violence and I find myself wondering if this is just an attempt to explain the conflict in baby-talk they think the USofA reading public can understand (it's all about religion) or exactly what the terminology change means?

Speaking of the insurgency, what's up with that, anyhow? And are the "Iraqi insurgents, as were the "9/11 terrorists" mostly Saudis?

Paul Krugman says things are going so badly in Iraq that you'd be hard-pressed to identify that "course" that Bush urged us to "stay."

And now Congress has decided women don't belong in combat. (Well, from my perspective no one does. But is this the Armed Forces offering recognition to female troops or a reflection of their much-reported recruiting shortfall and the suggestion that they're wondering if young women of color might fill their ranks?

Is Uzbekistan's leader worse than Saddam Hussein

Is free-trade a big threat to us? It's another step toward the whole One-World vision, so I guess much depends on how you feel about that. This deal is also highly favored by the Bush Administration and after the last four years, that makes me instantly suspicious. Besides, like a lot of Bush Administration initiatives, a closer look reveals problems.

For many years, I have supported banning competitive children's sports. Whatever kids might learn from them, what do learn is appalling.

Just how gay are those those guys running the Right?

Just how misguided are are the poor voters on the Right? Kevin Drum explains.

The only thing Kevin Hayden doesn't explain is just exactly what "work" the new American slavery system is get out of those millions of prisoners. I know some of today's "call centers", far from being outsourced to another country, are located in prisons. Is he meaning to suggest that we're trying to create our own pool of literal wage-slaves?

And I think a lot of us knew the government was secretly sterilizing "undesirables" up until the 70s (still could be, for all we know), but I'm sure it will come as a surprise to some.

Personal opinion? Drezner asking Liberals to sub on his blog is setting them up for abuse. (That entire comment was out of line and entirely uncalled for.)

I hadn't actually been reading the "Huffington Post Blog" regularly (had a busy weekend) but I heard Cronkite posted, so I went to look. It's barely a teaser, but enough to make me hope he posts again soon.

Eric Rauchway is back on Alterman's blog and, as always, he's interesting. I've bookmarked the entry. I'll have to think about it for a while this evening.

I also have to come up with answers for these questions.

Unless I'm Extreme Time-Shifting which is, I'll admit, my preferred way to watch television.

Or unless I find a copy of the current (I hope) New Republic on the way home, so I can read all of this.

And, finally, let's none of us forget, okay? If you have to go anywhere, remember to put on nice underthings first. Because everyone will be looking at them...and more.

... Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told a Senate subcommittee last month that he wants to employ the technology and doesn't want an "endless debate" over privacy issues.

Because, you know, stripping air travelers nekkid with technology is just No. Big. Deal. so shut up about it already.

So...whaddya wanna bet? How long's it going to be before celebrities start seeing themselves stripped bare on the internet? (No, I have no reason to think the machines to be used in airports will take pictures along with letting the TSA look at your nekkid body, but it's possible. And even if they won't, I still don't want strangers gawking at my nekkid body. It's a privacy issue, and one I'd imagine that the Religious Right and the Progressive Left might unexpectedly going to find themselves sharing.)

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