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May 17, 2005

Have you read Professor Kim lately?

Read this and this and this.

And, thanks to Prometheus6, I was directed to the NYTimes series on Class In America. (I've bookmarked the How Race Is Lived In America story as well. My to-be-read list is getting out of control.) (Hey, congratulations on the American Street gig!)

Newsweek blinked, but the world o'blog isn't so easily bullied

Charles at Obsidian Wings tries to explain to the Left that we not only can't identify what we stand for, we're making no attempt to "sell" our positions to this country's moderates.

If I knew Steve Clemons, I'd drop him a note and offer to buy him dinner, as long as he's in town. His blog is one of my favorite stops every day. But I don't, so I'd better not act like a stalker. He links to a great editorial from a Denver paper. Subject: John Bolton. (Clemons has been sticking with the Bolton story and I'm assuming y'all read his blog anyhow and have read his past posts.)

And if you read James Wolcott, you may get a frightening sense of what the Bush Administration is up to.

Lauren on education.

cntodd at Majikthise points out that we're not being told about oils spills off the Alaskan coast.

And I'm following the conversation Alterman started on what Liberals believe.

Hugo Schwyzer posts some of the most courageously honest personal posts on the internet. I pick at him sometimes, but I really respect what he's about.

Sometimes I go read Hugo to just reassure myself that the crazies aren't going to win.

I've read this twice. The crazies aren't going to win...unless we keep stumbling over our own feet instead of standing up to them.

Sigh. I'm jealous. My blog isn't this pretty. Granted, I think the ribbed background should not scroll, because it gives a weird strobe effect, but I love the color-fading in the quote boxes and the banner is breathtaking. Maybe I could become a web designer in my spare time?

And do I want to switch to Firefox? I'm probably revealing my stupidity when I say I can't imagine what difference it makes what browser you use, except that I know Netscape users are being left behind.

And now...I have a meeting in fifteen minutes, so I'd better go get ready.

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