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May 18, 2005
Variously Crazy

Republican talking points. Organized lunacy. (I thought newspapers were going to start paying more attention to this kind of scamming?)

(I'm going to miss Krugman when his column goes behind "the wall.")

Over at The American Street, Mary Ratcliff is asking if us NPR supporters are still planning to subscribe this year, based on possible threats of moving the whole Public Broadcasting Corporation to the Right. My answer? I'm going to send a check (I usually donate on-line) with a letter explaining that I support NPR as it is today, even though, on the average, NPR news programs cite more conservative sources than liberal ones. And I'm going to copy the main office of NPR, as well as Corporation for Public Broadcasting on the letter* and point out that since only 14.9% of CPB's budget comes from the government, they're a minority stakeholder and are not entitled to make unilateral decisions about the future of the Corporation.

US 'Backed Illegal Iraqi Oil Deals'. Well, duh.

I'm bemused by the Radial Right's support of Big Brother's ID card. You'd think those small-government, personal freedom, libertarian, and other Git offa my land! types would have been raising hell by now. This is overkill beyond overkill when it comes to "fighting terror." It's invasive. Obnoxious. Expensive. Sure to be abused. Doomed to failure.

We need a little outrage in the world o'blog, people. Where's the outrage? (Okay, there may be outrage. My daily reading list may have climbed to 116 blogs, but that's still just a fraction of what's out there.)

There is no good reason for the government of a free country to implement something like this. There's no possible way it could be of use in "fighting terror" and, like registered guns, criminals won't bother, so the only people getting the shaft are taxpayers...on both ends, as we're forced to pay for this ridiculous and unworkable piece of fascist garbage. What's next? Color-coded armbands?

Following the most basic adage of politics (Follow. The. Money.) I'm waiting to hear just who is getting paid for this one.

(I am loving these stories about Galloway taking on the Senate. The more details I hear, the better it sounds. Unfortunately, I haven't found a video clip compatible with the software on my laptop yet.)

Let's hear it for librarians for a free society. Don't mess with librarians. People who live among books are inclined to think about what's in them.

Hey, you Liberal Weenies! What happened? (Okay, the wingnuts may be buying the books but, seriously, how many of them are actually reading them?)

635 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Attn: Executive VP & Senior Advisor to the President
401 Ninth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004-2129

Posted by AnneZook at 07:47 AM