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May 18, 2005
Fili-THIS, Buster

I don't agree with Bradford Plumer at MoJo's blog. I don't think a compromise is a good plan. The public does not support changing the Senate's rules. These candidates are wingnuts who do not belong on the federal judiciary.

But there's more.

At any rate, Bush's picks for the lower and appellate courts are, to some extent, less important, since those judges are more or less constrained by precedent from the Supreme Court (although they're still important!).

As I think some of Bush's nominees (read: Owens, the woman who smugly ruled that labor laws about providing bathroom facilities for workers didn't say that workers had the right to use those facilities.) have amply demonstrated in the past, they'll be more than happy to distort any law or ruling that they don't agree with. Even when it fractures common sense. Or when someone's life is at stake. Or when it makes them look like a complete lunatic.

The Bush Administration has gotten a lot of judicial nominees approved. Thanks to the Republican Congress stonewalling Clinton's nominees, there were plenty of vacancies, so the Bush Administration has had a disproportionate influence on the make-up of the federal judiciary already. Enough. Is. Enough. Seven rightwing lunatics are being objected to. The Democrats need to stand fast against them. They've tried again and again to compromise with Republicans under this lunatic Administration and they've failed every time to bring the Right back to sanity.

It needs to stop here and now. (If you agree, why not send that $5 check right away, with a little note? And, since time is short, drop them an e-mail to tell them the check is on its way. With a little note.)

And while you're at it, write a second check and tell the Democrats you oppose renewing those Patriot Act provisions.

If a total of $15 isn't beyond your budget, another $5 with a polite note saying an abusive bully isn't the face we want to present to the world via the United Nations might be a good idea. I think we need to make it clear that we completely oppose John Bolton.

Eugene Robinson disagrees about Bolton (Maybe he's right. Let the Bush Administration stop shooting themselves in the foot and shoot themselves in the head.) but we're on the same side about the judicial nominees. And he goes into more detail on why the seven nominees are unsuitable.

And I completely disagree with Sirota.

I should have known Salazar would be on the train to compromise. What a wasted vote that was. ( called him and filed a complaint.)

I find Dick Morris's column condescending, arrogant, and a pretty darned good illustration of some of what's wrong with the Right. To dismiss a judicial nominee for Mississippi as some kind of second-class matter that no one cares about is bigoted. The country will, you understand, become "disgusted" that Democrats care so deeply about what happens in Mississippi. (The clear inference being that Mississippi is some low-rent district that doesn't matter to anyone.) Referring to pro-Civil Rights legislators as a "gang" is incredibly offensive. He also blew my mind by claiming that Clinton "forced" Republicans to shut down the government in the 90s.

Bring it on, Dick. Let's have an old-style filibuster, complete with cameras. Bring out Priscilla Owens and let's let the Democrats stand up in front of the nation, and the world, and read and discuss a list of her rulings, including her history with the Bush Administration. We'll see who the country is "disgusted" with after that.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:02 PM