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May 26, 2005
Custer's (Last) Battles?

So, I haven't even remotely had time to read through all of my blogroll and reading list to see what everyone is talking about these days, but I assume that Custer Battles is on a lot of lists. (Background here.)

For billing fraud. Assault on civilians. Just generally running amok, probably thinking their political connections were enough to protect them.

Yep, they're another poster-child for corruption and fraud, courtesy of the USofA. (Well, what do you expect when you tell a multi-billion dollar corporation to come on over and help itself to yet-more billions and, by the way, bring your own army?) In the unregulated world of mercenary soldiers, they're a peach.

I suppose we have to wait for a judge to decide if USofA firms working in Iraq are bound by USofA law. I predict they won't be. That will be a sign of strong support for the current Iraqi government (and, not incidentally, allow that convenient blanket protection from prosecution in Iraq to kick in). It would also be in line with the Bush Administration's position that Guantanamo isn't "USofA soil" and so people being tortured detained there aren't protected by USofA laws.

The war in Iraq isn't going well. Evidence continues to mount in unexpected ways. Filling the country full of lunatic private armies isn't really helping matters.

Everyone who voted for Bush/Cheney in the last election told the Middle East, and the rest of the world, that they were okay with torture, massive civilian casualties, and this kind of fraud. As the reports of wide-spread corruption, profiteering, and murder continue to spread, each of you who voted to support this can think with pride of your own contribution to the destruction of that ideal that used to be "America."

Is it any wonder that millions of us believe the most dangerous enemy the USofA has today is the Right?

Posted by AnneZook at 01:16 PM