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May 27, 2005
What The Heck?

A teacher gets fired for this?

A group of parents dig into their own pockets to save a school program and the school rejects the money on the grounds that it's unfair to schools whose families can't afford to do the same? I agree, But is anyone else ashamed that even schools in so-called "wealthy" districts are reduced to this? I mean...in a month when our national so-called leaders think they're able to find another eighty-two billion dollars to kill people in Iraq?

People are still obsessing over Lakoff's "frames" instead of doing something important. Exactly how clearly (and how often) do we need to say, "say what you stand for" before the "leadership" gets a clue and starts just, you know, doing so? Because...I'm thinking if they don't know what we stand for, we so totally need new "leadership."

For example, that whole Filibuster Fiasco. Democrats so completely did the wrong thing.

Also, murdering helpless prisoners? Precisely how often do we have to explain that It's. Wrong. before it sinks in?

And lying about what happened doesn't change what happened. (Let's be clear. I feel more sympathy for these individual soldiers than otherwise. Surely after a couple of hundred years of making war, the military could have come up with some kind of training for these situations?) (Or, should I instead be grateful that, soldier or not, the idea that you've just shot someone still freaks these guys out?)

(Or, should I be worried that they freak out? The psychological cost of war to the individual soldier has been much on my mind today.)

And while I'm taking potshots, allow me to inform Mr. Rumsfeld that it wouldn't matter that news has a global reach if we weren't doing anything to be ashamed of.

I'm happy to see that DeLay's ethical issues haven't disappeared from the news.

Just exactly how serious is Blumenthal about the Bush Administration's "drive for absolute power"?

She's a woman. He's a man. They're married. What's the big deal?

A lot of people died in Uzbekistan but it's hard to find much continuing interest in the USofA media.

Sun-Times Quick Takes

News Item: States that voted for President Bush will gain 11,852 jobs, while states that voted for John Kerry will lose 24,289 jobs, in proposed closings of military bases.


Do you know who Jeff Luers is? Do you know he got 22.5 years for a property crime...less than most manslaughter convictions warrant? Yeah, he torched 3 SUVs. No one was harmed or even in any danger. Twenty-three years. There has to be more to this story....

If we had a dozen White House reporters like Helen Thomas, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess.

Progressive talk radio could yet help to save this country.

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