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May 29, 2005
Other Newsy Stuff

Molly Ivins is all about the irony these days.

You suppose those "freedom of religion" types today will care a bit about freedom for Muslims?

And don't miss the moment of bigotry buried in this.

The complaining student added that Bush was also made to look "like an Israeli.

I'm sorry the student was "distraught" and "in turmoil" about a poster for a school play but I fear this child is just a teeny bit too delicate, don't you? If a pair of Groucho eyebrows can rock his or her entire world to this extent, the Real World is going to be an awful shock.

I read Friedman's column, but forgot to link to it yesterday. This reminds me of the oversight.

If we shut down Gitmo, we know the Bush Administration will just move the torture somewhere else, out of the public eye. They already have other facilities up and running, although those get almost no press coverage. Friedman doesn't go far enough. We have to stop the torture.

You think journalists really are at increased risk in Iraq?

Posted by AnneZook at 02:09 PM