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May 31, 2005

I finally made it through (most of) the blog posts that stacked up wile I was out of town.

Have to say, I'm impressed with the Huffington Blog. Some good stuff being posted there, such as America's Coup From Within. Haven't a lot of us been saying this already? It's not enough to vote. You have to pay attention between elections, too.

Learning to Say No to the Military. It's worth considering. All the more so since the Iraq War was judged to be illegal in a military court.

CathyFromCanada points us toward Slate's new primer on torture. (I say we keep shouting about this, louder and louder, until we make people understand how heinous this behavior is.)

Shouting louder and louder, as the undeniable evidence mounts up.

50,000 people?

It was one of those days when I was hopscotching around, following links, and I have no idea how I found this January Economist excerpt by James Wolcott on how we're behaving in Iraq.

I might have blogged about this before, but it's worth reminding you.

I'm really not comfortable with these chartered CIA flights, either. The fact that we routinely kidnap people (or send people to countries where they'll be tortured) really bothers me, okay?

It also bothers me that so many people in this country have an inflated idea of how much foreign aid we actually provide to developing countries. And that we lie about it.

And that Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez lied to the Senate Armed Services Committee and it doesn't look like there's going to be any fallout for him.

I'm assuming you all read the news that there are documents proving that the Bush Administration (and Blair's government) tried to provoke Hussein before they gave up and just invaded Iraq?

And another good Molly Ivins column, skewering Bush.

Another thing I need to buy and read.

Other than that, I've been pondering Congressional Quaarterly recently. I signed up for the free trial and while there's no denying the site and the weekly magazine provide a wealth of good information, the price tag is a bit steep and I'm not sure there's any real point in me trying to become a Legislative Expert. There are a lot of them in the world o'blog already, you know?

When I consider the other subscriptions I have on my wish list, along with the online donation list I've been putting together, it just seems to me that spending $1500 or whatever for a subscription to this one site/magazine isn't practical.

In the meantime, my big debate during my free time this weekend was whether or not I could stand the heartbreak of reading what Robert Hewitt Wolfe would have done with Andromeda if Star Ego hadn't gotten in the way. (click on Andromeda: Coda)

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