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May 31, 2005
Too Much Information

That's what Rumsfeld says the Overseas Basing Commission gave everyone.

Apparently, had any of us known it was there, we could have looked at it and found out what we're planning for Iraq and who we're going to bomb next. (No, of course the article didn't put it that way.) Or maybe everyone's just in a snit because, once again, military experts have pointed out that what the Bush Administration wants isn't feasible.

Looks like this is the report they pulled off their website. (Don't have time to read it all at the moment, but it seems to be the one.)

It's probably also what the Bush Administration thinks about Jean-Louis Bruguiere telling the world that Al Qaeda is more dangerous than ever. Saying Al Qaeda might hit anyone, anywhere isn't tidy. Like we did after those pesky 9/11 hijackers almost deflected our noble invasion of Iraq with their insistence on being headquartered in Afghanistan, we'll decide for ourselves who the terrorists are.

It's certainly what General Myers thinks about that Amnesty International report. I guess international agencies ought not to be bothering us, they should be off sniffing around for human rights abuses in...well, in places where those things happen. Anyhow, those people claiming to have been abused are "trained liars."

It's anyone's guess whether he thinks all Iraqis are trained liars, which accounts for how all of the ones we have in custody are clearly trained liars, or if he thinks these men, the cullings of the 50,000 reported initial detainees, are all flat guilty, so that they're all terrorists and trained liars. (And is anyone besides me surprised to learn that terrorists get Liar training?)

You have to give the government credit. When they decide on a policy of Stout Denial, by gosh they stick with it, no matter how the documents, photographs, and bodies mount up.

And now it looks like we've been sanctioning, or at least tacitly allowing, more torture.

Okay, so, not so much a short post on one topic, but a short post on one theme, anyhow. (In my next life, I want to be less opinionated.)

Posted by AnneZook at 12:12 PM