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June 02, 2005
Iraq and Otherwise

Tom Englehardt is always worth reading and his column Bases, Bases Everywhere is no exception. (And don't miss The Return of the Body Count.)

Bush Tells Reporters: Yes, Iraq Is America's 'Golden Moment' . We're in trouble now.

The failed siege of Fallujah.

Help the children.

Feart and Rejection and Truth and Deceit. Why is David Brooks such a nitwit and Bob Herbert always so worth reading? Maybe it's my liberal bias showing.

(There will be a brief pause while I give thanks for my liberal bias.)

Moving on, I don't know if New York not spending worker's compensation money for 9/11 workers is good or not, but I'm not surprised that the Bush Administration wants the money back. They're pretty desperate for money.

Count exhuming the body of Emmett Till, searching for clues about his murder, among the good ideas.

In the category of me (as usual) being distracted by side thoughts, I find myself wondering if airing that 49er's video is a service to the public so they can see it for themselves, or a cheap stunt to grab traffic for the website?

Looks like those worries about the USofA running out of bodies to fill the labor pool after the Boomers retire left something out of the equation.

Because there's not a damned thing going on in the world of any importance, that stupid woman who ran away from her wedding is all over the front pages of the USofA corporate media "news" sites today.

I'm becoming completely addicted to international, non-corporate, and non-traditional news sites. In fact, I'm reorganizing my bookmarks to put the usual suspects, NYTimes, WaPo, CNN, etc., in a separate folder. I'll still check what they have to say every day, but I'm more and more convinced that I get more of the truth from the Guardian, Independent Media Center, BBC, ConsortiumNews, Alternet, and similar sites.

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