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June 02, 2005
Tiny Political Rant

If the DC Democrats don't like Dean, he must be doing something right.

Maybe we need to send a flood of e-mails to Reid and Pelosi and thank them for their hard work while asking them, very politely, to stop trying to turn Dean into a whitewashed version of the kind of "Party Chairman" whose tactics have been failing for the last 20 years? The fact that he's rebuilding the Party from the ground up is what we want to have happen. If that means the current Democratic "leadership" winds up on the dole...well, cry me a river.

(Dean's plan has support. Look at the fundraising success. Yes, the Right is outstripping the Left on pure dollars, but studies prove that most voters agree with Liberal positions on most issues. We don't need to outspend the Right. We just need to speak up and simply say what we stand for and what we want to do.)

(Okay, a free press would help...but we have to go to the polls with the media we have. Or the one we can create between now and '06.)

On the other hand, Huffington is wrong.

While I share the frustration that Kerry didn't flat-out denounce our invasion and occupation of Iraq, I reluctantly understand that at a time when things were precipitous in Iraq, it was not the moment to stand up and announce it was all illegal and wrong and we'd be pulling out almost immediately. That would have torpedoed whatever remote chance we might have had at turning the Iraq fiasco into even a limited success. (She shouldn't make the mistake of buying into the Right's propaganda that the Left wants Iraq to go down in flames, just to prove the Bush Administration is peopled with incompetents. First, there's already plenty of evidence about venality and incompetence to go around. Second, we don't want democracy to fail anywhere.)

The USofA election cycle was a time when playing with the "terror alert system" for political gain was routine. There was no way Kerry was going to win the election by denouncing either it or the invasion of Iraq. The Peepul, bless their pointy little heads, weren't yet ready to hold the Bush Administration accountable.

Now it's different. Iraq had their election. The sense that there was a delicate balance over there has passed.

Now we can stand up and say this is wrong, we were wrong, and we want to fix what we broke in the way Iraqis want it fixed.

(And then we need to come home and practice humility.)

Now we can stand up and say the Bush Administration is doing everything wrong, "they" hate us more (and for better reason) now than they ever did, and this is Not. Who. We. Are.

Now is the time to talk. Now is the time to do something loudly and definitely about torture, racial profiling, murdering civilians, and occupying countries because we want their natural resources.

Now is the time to move ahead on renewable energy sources, so that we never again find ourselves killing 100,000 people so that I can drive my car to the grocery store any time the mood for an ice cream bar comes over me.

All just my uninformed and amateur opinion, of course. I just think we're not losing the public on issues and principles. We're losing on rhetoric, and that's just pathetic.

The Democrats' continued obsession with framing? Get over it. There's nothing in that book (yes, I read it) that you wouldn't learn in Advertising & Public Relations 101, people. Do we really need a four-year debate over whether or not saying what we mean in concise, meaningful sentences is a good idea?

The problem is that the Left has been arguing from the evidence...facts and figures and that sort of thing. The Right has been using jingoism. Yhere isn't any reason why the Left's facts can't be presented in catchphrases, repeated for easy memorization. (It's a basic rule of sales presentation. Tell 'em what you're going to tell them. Tell 'em what you have to tell them. Tell 'em what you told them. What kind of clueless nitwits are running the Democratic Party, anyhow?)

Sigh. I never get invited to the good parties.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:47 PM