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June 02, 2005
Other Stories

CorpWatch's latest story is about British Petroleum's new pipeline, calling it "time bomb" environmentally. (And those new green and yellow colors are hideous. They've redone all of the Amoco stations here in Denver in the new colors and the combination looks like some tired holdover from the 50s.

Remember earlier, when I was wondering about SFGate's motivation in posting that 49er's video? Survey says, 200,000+ hits.

Ruy Teixeira talks about Bush and the latest polls.

Heh. Ted Turner takes a shot at CNN's story choices.

CNN should cover international news and the environment, not the “pervert of the day,” network founder Ted Turner said Wednesday as the world’s first 24-hour news network turned 25.


And go to Molly Ivins for a mind-boggling glimpse of Texas politics at work.

If you still have an appetite to consider what's wrong with politics in the USofA, read this transcript of Ann Wright's remarks from the Global Good Neighbor Initiative held last month.

And there in Mongolia, seeing the—seeing in spades why America is so despised right now. I saw the extortion that the Bush administration is using on the world to wage his war on Iraq. when you extort small little countries like Mongolia by telling them that you’re going to cut off all their economic aid, you’re going to cut off all their aid—they were only getting $10 million dollars in economic aid—and all their military aid, which only was peacekeeping training for their tiny little military—unless they voted with the United States on the Article 98 provision of the International Criminal Court. So vote against the International Criminal Court, and tell us how many soldiers you’re going to put into the Coalition of the Willing.

The ITT List (In These Times blog) provides highlights of Take Back America so far. (I'm listening to John Edwards at the moment, on a C-SPAN repeat. He was my preferred nominee last time and he's my preferred nominee for '08. By god, the man sounds like a liberal!) (Voting reform! He talked about voting reform!)

Over at TheHill, Alexander Bolton is skeptical of Edwards' chances. (Or maybe it's just that the people he asked were skeptical?)

And I wasn't aware that the Mars rover is still having trouble. (I guess I should have noticed that the rover fell out of the news cycle...but I'm too used to the national media's ADD.)

And one man can make a noticeable difference, even globally, if his name is Bill Gates. An impressive list of accomplishments, indeed.

I was surprisingly moved by this. Why do we climb the mountain?

But what, exactly, is necessary human behaviour? .... At what level does risk become selfish — and, come to that, at what level does risk become inspirational and life-affirming ?
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