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June 03, 2005
No Pictures, No Autographs

The Bush Administration does sell access to the president, but not if reporters ask about it.

The White House was not aware whatsoever it would be used in this fashion.

The White House is shocked! Shocked! Its modesty is offended, its self-esteem is lowered, and its feelings are hurt. It knew it had a minor infestation, it noticed it four or five years ago, but it assumed it was just one of those little rashes that go away if you ignore them.

The White House has been especially sensitive about the issue in light of President Clinton's use of the Lincoln Bedroom for overnight stays for campaign contributors.

Privately, the White House didn't mind that so much. It likes to feel needed and it likes that people come in and admire it. It didn't approve of the whole money thing, because it is not a 'ho, but its seen a lot worse in its years.

(It would appear that no human being was involved in the organization of these "briefings" and thus no Bush Administration official is...wait for it...responsible!)

Posted by AnneZook at 02:42 PM


The White House must keep its high set of standards when it comes to who can come and go in its hallowed halls. That right is reserved for fake journalists who blow men for a living, ya know.

Posted by: Kat at June 3, 2005 03:30 PM