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June 03, 2005
Things You Can Read

Via MediaTransparency.org, I found this cool project tracing the evolution of think-tanks.

Bookmark Now, by Robert Francis, talks about the book of the same name by Kevin Smokler. How we read, what we read, and what "Yes, I read" will looks like in the future. Sounds like a collection of essays I want to read....

Is there such a thing as a failed presidential candidate"> How does one "fail" to be a candidate? (Okay, I'm nitpicking but it always amuses me when the Right tries really, really hard to find new insults for Left-leaning politicians.) The important thing is that the story says Kerry is going to bring the Downing Street Memo before Congress. (Note: I didnít read the comments.)

Constitutional dreaming

Already, Republican judges are in the majority in 10 out of the nation's 13 federal appellate courts. By the end of President George W. Bush's term the count will likely be 12 out of 13, and about 85 percent of those circuit court judges will be Republican appointees, according to a March report in the National Law Journal. Seven of the nine sitting Supreme Court justices (and 16 out of 22 appointments in the last 50 years) were put forward by Republicans, as well.

All of which lends a certain antic quality to House majority leader Tom DeLay's description of the federal courts last month as ''the left's last legislative body.'' Federal judges are appointed for life; it could be a generation before the political balance shifts again.

He'd say anything to try and distract the country from the mounting scandal over his ethics problems.

And a column on watchdog journalism from Poynter.

Whoosh. We've had some weather here in Denver. Some areas had 2-1/2" of rain in less than an hout, along with hail that piled up in huge mounds. Intersections flooded out, cars drifting down the road in brand-new rivers of water, lightning, tornado warnings.

Ahhh....Colorado in the spring.

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