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June 04, 2005
Bloglines Clippings

So, one of the features of Bloglines is that you can "clip" a post, that is, add it to a list of posts you might want to reference or talk about later.

(I'm still enjoying Bloglines, but I'm finding that when I'm at home in the evenings with my cable modem and a couple of hours to spare, I still prefer visiting the individual blogs. On Bloglines everything looks the same. I think the design a person chooses for their site tells you a lot about them. It creates a sort of atmosphere that you read their words in, you know? No doubt the Bloglines interface is easy on the eyes, but that soft blue and white design is also sort of...bland.)

But the Clippings thing is cool, no doubt about it. I've kept a lot of handy links.

TalkLeft pointing us to the PFAW site and their chart (pdf) of the history of filibusters of nominations.

Paperwight pointing us to William Galston's "Taking Liberty", one of those articles advising the Left on how to take back the political landscape.

From DemocracyArsenal, an awfully good list of questions liberals should be prepared to answer. I haven't yet had the time and leisure to contemplate all of the questions in depth.

Cliopatria's Caleb McDaniel talking about the newest Google feature Google Print. (Another thing I haven't had time to play with yet.)

Juan Cole's "The Lies that Led to War".

Via David Sirota, a link to an interview with Matt Taibbi about his new book, Spanking the Donkey. (I already have more books than I have time for reading, but who doesn't?)

From Chris in Paris, on Americablog the news that a wilderness site in Mississippi is probably slated for oil drilling.

Ahistoricality told us the moment that the NYTimes and WaPo finally figured out that UsofA support for repressive regimes in the Middle East is one reason why "they" hate us.

Sisyphus brings us a valuable look at post-war planning for Iraq, before the invasion. (It looks pretty much like we'd all expected.)

Americablog's Joe in DC says the Ohio Coin-gate scandal is reading toward Bush.

Mustang Bobby informs us that the Abramoff Indian-casino-gaming-both sides of the fence scandal is revealing some Democrats with unsavory ties to the whole mess.

From Donkey Rising, a link to The American Prospect's Paul Starr's "The Liberal Project Now as well as, from the same publication, Robert Kuttner's "The Death and Life of American Liberalism.

Dr. Fallon has another good entry on the USofA and Colombia and drugs.

David Sirota, again, this time talking about how many Democrats in Congress are voting with Republicans.

And again (it seems to have been a Sirota kind of week), Progressives & the Politics of Oil Drilling

And my first link for Josh Marshall's new TPMCafe, Steve Clemons on the White House playing politics with money needed for the troops in Iraq.

Whoosh! Clipping is a good way to collect posts for a blogaround, but it's hard to keep track of how much material you're saving up.

And now I have to go back to the TPMCafe and see what guest-blogger John Edwards has been saying this week.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:54 AM


I like that everything looks the same on Bloglines; I read blogs because of the writing and the ideas contained therein, not because of the blog's design.

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at June 4, 2005 05:51 PM

And yet, working under the theory that every blogger picks the design for their blog because it seems to "fit" them or to "suit" what they want to write about, I maintain that the physical look of a site changes my perception of what's written there.

Posted by: Anne at June 4, 2005 07:33 PM

I agree with Anne. Bloglines is great for checking who has updated and to find the items that look interesting. But of course I go to the original site for reading the posts.

I must say I find it almost rude to do otherwise. It is like inviting somebody for dinner at your home and when they arrive they stop by the door: "hey, here with the grub, quick, because I have to go somewhere else." I am not sure that is the sort of guests that I want, personally.

Posted by: Bengt O. at June 5, 2005 02:11 AM