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June 05, 2005
Terrorists and War

Big Brother is watching...and he's coming after your grandma. (Via Alternet's "Peek" and Blondesense)

A lot of people are finally coming to the conclusion that the "war on drugs" or at least the battle being fought against marijuana, isn't worth the price. They say, "Legalize it and tax it!" (Me, I've known a lot of potheads in my life. I've also known a fair number of drunks. The only difference I can see between the two is that I've never known anyone to get baked, then go home to beat his wife and kids. But maybe my sample size just isn't large enough.)

I suppose I'm the only one among us cynical enough to doubt there was any real news (or truth) on this site. Also, based on the fact that they use one of those staged statue-toppling photos, I doubt this was designed by any Iraqi government. Poking around, I find a lot of "press releases" with no dates. Also doesn’t look like the site's been updated since '04. I guess it's a historical curiosity.

And, speaking of Iraq, it looks like Bulgaria is going to take their 450 soldiers home at the end of the year. One more member of the "Coalition of the Willing" abandons the Bush Administration's ongoing disaster. This is what happens when you send playground bullies to do work that requires grown-ups.

Lying us into war always results in disaster.

Haiti. Canada. The USofA mainstream media didn't cover any of this.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:52 AM