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June 07, 2005

Now that United Airlines convinced everyone they were about to close their doors unless they eliminated pension plans and got massive wage reductions from their employees...they announced this morning that they're going to be offering wi-fi on all their flights. And, you know, I'm wondering just where they found the money to fund that? Unless Verizon is footing the bill? (Via NPR)

Chinese bloggers are facing a crackdown.

I find myself wondering what kind of stories "ABC and others" might file from North Korea.

You, go, Howard Dean!

Three top fundraisers at the Democratic National Committee have resigned at a time when its chairman, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, has come under fire from fellow Democrats for controversial comments and his Republican counterpart has raised more than twice as much money.

Democratic sources link the resignations to Deanís decision to focus on raising money in small increments through the Internet, as he did during his 2004 presidential bid, and building up the partyís grassroots infrastructure while paying little attention to major Democratic donors.

"Donors" who can't see the value of, you know, voter participation in the process aren't wanted.

Diane Monson, 48, of Oroville, Calif., regarding the Bush administration's winning its appeal to the Supreme Court to block her supply of medicinal marijuana prescribed to relieve pain from degenerative spine disease:

"I'm going to have to be prepared to be arrested."

As well she should. The Bush administration is about the Culture of Life. It never said anything about refusing to inflict unnecessary pain on sick women.


Posted by AnneZook at 01:47 PM


It's funny how Zay Smith of the Sun-Times conveniently forgets to mention that the Clinton Administration in 1998 initiated the actions to shut down the "Cannbis Cooperatives" that sprung up as a result of the 1996 California law. Funny how Smith does not seem to think that administration also allowed "sick women to suffer unncessary pain."

The 1998 Federal government actions led to the 2001 SCOTUS decision (decided 8 to 0) in agreeing with the basic principle that there is no medical necessity exception to the (1970)Controlled Substances Act's prohibitions on manufacturing and distributing marijuana.

Also, while Smith wants to vilify the Bush administration, there is no mention that the majority justices in the Ashcroft (Gonzales) v. Raich decision were the more "left" leaning, democratic Presidential appointees. No mention that that the dissenters were Thomas, Rehnquist, and O'Connor or that the more liberal Justice Stevens authored the opinion.

But I suppose Zay Smith is too busy digging up trivial facts as opposed to doing some basic research. No bias there...

The decision rightly puts the issue back to Congress to amend the CSA to change marijuana's classification or allow for additional exceptions beyond government research projects.

Posted by: Col Steve at June 7, 2005 03:23 PM