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June 08, 2005
Take Another Look

Okay, well, it's o'dark thirty and I'm totally not thrilled that I'm at work. I don't have any work I can do you understand, because they're migrating our phones to a new system and, at the same time, dinking with our internet for some reason. (I can't believe I had to be here at 6:00 and not only can I not work, but I can barely surf the net. I should have brought a book.)

Scanning a few headlines when I can....

Another look at Donald Rumsfeld as he continues his campaign to make John Bolton look reasoned and diplomatic. Also, we continue out national pastime of arming everyone in sight for the new world war.

Have you been reading about that Boeing deal? Before you look, I can tell you that Rumsfeld says he didn't do nothing wrong.

Another look at torture.

Unwanted regimes, whether domestic dictatorships or foreign occupations, rely on torture precisely because they are unwanted.

I know I was a member of the, "we have to fix what we broke" camp before, but I've long since changed my mind. I also don't think we should reward ourselves for this illegal and unwanted invastion with all of those permanent bases in Iraq, but then I don't agree that the future of our country, and the world, should lie in planning for the next war.

Another look at Howard Dean and his leadership of the DNC.

Another look at the White House's Enron ties shows that Kyoto was scuttled thanks to the leaders of the criminally fraudulent corporation.

Why were the Independent Media Center investigated by the FBI? I read The Register story and the follow-up, both of which leave me unconvinced that the USofA's FBI seizing computer servers in the U.K. on behalf of Italy and Switzerland is the logical consequence of a French IndyMedia site identifying undercover police officers in a photograph. (I'm entirely against revealing the identities of undercover law enforcement agents. However, if said agents were questioning protesters openly on public streets, how "undercover" could they have been?) Yes, I realize this story is over eight months old, but I just started browsing the IndyMedia site recently and it puzzles me.

All the more because the FBI may receive expanded powers if the expanded Big Brother Patriot Act goes through.

(I remember when CNN was always like this.

Okay...I've just been informed that I may have to go through this six a.m. fiasco again tomorrow. I will if I have to...but I'm not making muffins a second time.

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