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June 08, 2005
Around the World O'Blog
Administration Lawyers Cut Big Tobacco's Penalty By 92%

In a six year-old suit against the tobacco industry, the Justice Department was expected to ask for $130 billion to fund smoking-cessation programs, the amount their own expert had testified would be necessary. Instead, the government's lawyers requested less than 8% of that figure, just $10 billion.

"We were very surprised," said Dan Webb, lawyer for Altria Group's Philip Morris USA and the coordinating attorney in the case. "They've gone down from $130 billion to $10 billion with absolutely no explanation. It's clear the government hasn't thought through what it's doing."

Janice Rodgers Brown. A bad, bad nominee in any sane judicial system.

It pays to be an Enron executive. Especially under this Administration

Matthew Yglesias adding his voice to those saying Democrats need to deal with the topic of Iraq.

The 50s stunk, industrialization didn't help everyone, and the 90s tech boom was unfair to poor Southerners. At least, I think that's what Ed Kilgore is saying. (My sarcasm aside, I have to admit that I've thought a lot about this entry, off and on, since I first read it.

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