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June 09, 2005
10 Questions - 4 (Democratization)
4. Democratization: You go on and on about how democracy cannot be forced on other countries. Does the promotion of democracy belong as a U.S. foreign policy priority and, if so, what's your strategy for getting it done? Will you do anything beyond lending a helping hand to dissidents and NGOs and hoping for the best? Don't fledgling democrats expect more from the U.S.; what are you prepared to deliver? Or have you now decided that democratization is the province of conservatives?

I'd say that the promotion of openness, of individual freedom, and the rule of just law should be priorities. As long as a country's citizens have the freedom to dissent, to leave, and to live their lives under the protection of laws that prevent brutality and oppression, their form of government is none of our business.

Do I prefer democracy? I do. But it's not democracy if you shove it down someone's throat at gunpoint, is it?

Also, you made a giant leap there...from us "promoting democracy" around the world to "helping fledgling democracies." Those aren't the same topics.

Yes, I think we should help fledgling democracies.

What should we deliver? What do they want or need? (Is there any sense in acting like a "fledgling democracy" in South America and a "fledgling democracy" in the Middle East are going to have the same needs?)

(Should conservatives be left to handle "democratization?" Since they suck at it, no.)

Posted by AnneZook at 02:15 PM