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June 12, 2005

DeJa Vu on UN Dues

(Democracy Arsenal is rapidly climbing my list of "favorite" blogs.)

And I meant to mention this before. I agree with Ralph Luker. If you can't be creative and imaginative with your invective, keep it to yourself.

And I agree with Ruy Teixeira's reader. The Democrats need to contest every race, not just a handful.

This is just wrong. It's the kids' recess. They should be allowed to talk about their religion if they want to.

Okay, yes, this is a good question. Just how much war would our government be willing to wage if the profit motive were removed?

I don't have a tenth of the courage of Ayaan Hirsi Ali but I'd like to. (Via Bitch. Ph.D.'s comments.)

Avedon Carol always has a handful of posts worth linking to, but I found this one on the creeping erosion of civil liberties in the U.K. very interesting. It's not just here in the USofA. We need to remember that. "Democracies" all over the place are seeing organized threats to their futures.

Over at Ahistoricality, we're directed to more of those, "should I be blogging?" entries around the 'net. With people being fired after their employers "find" their blogs, it's a topic worth considering.

Remember when I asked someone to point me to the 200 terrrorists the (un)Patriot(ic) Act had allows law enforcement officials to snare and convict? 39 people. So, as many of us expected, the law is being used primarily against everyone but terrorists.

Redistricting. The fight goes on.

I diss the Republicans quite a lot. I don't like their economics, their foreign policies, their lousy war-mongering, their protectionism for corporations and the mega-wealthy, and their contempt for the poor.

In the end, though, it's their support and protection for racism that I really find unforgivable.

And I know I sometimes talk like a confirmed pacifist, acting as though war is never the solution to any situation. That's largely because the war we're now engaged in is so...criminally irresponsible and fatally unwinnable.

There are times when, sadly, war is needed to stop atrocity. Because there is evil.

And, even more sadly, we don't seem to fight those wars.

Cooney Resigns! I saw the post headline several times. I'm happy, of course. Don't get me wrong.

I'd just have been a lot happier if the name had been "Rumsfeld." Or, better yet, "Bush."

Heh. How did I miss this Billmon entry in May?

Another defendant (Ari Fleischer, front row, extreme right) received only a light sentence, as the court determined that lying to the American people was too common a crime to merit more severe punishment.

More recently, it seems that what the USofA really needs is better flypaper.

When they start regulating the internet, I hope they don't ban Food Pr0n.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:42 PM