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June 12, 2005
Oil, Iraq, Public Television, Downing Street

The aid and arms we've provided to Africa.

"There is obviously poverty reduction rhetoric but when you look closely at the way aid is tied to contracts for US companies you can see that it is a different way of benefiting the domestic economy. It is being done for the benefit of US business and not for the poor of the countries receiving the aid," says Peter Hardstaff, head of policy at the UK-based World Development Movement.

I'm withholding judgment on the recently announced "debt forgiveness" until I hear what strings are attached this time.

The article gives the Bush Administration credit for actually caring about the people, in spite of the AIDS money that's tied to religious programs and abstinence-only programs, but makes it clear that our dependence on Africa's oil will only increase.

As the world passes peak oil production, and some analysts believe the top of the graph is already disappearing in our rear-view mirror, the race for oil will become paramount.

Typical. What should become paramount is alternate energy sources, but the governments of the world are, instead, prepared to destroy each other over oil.

So...we have a nominee for ambassador to Iraq. (Finally.) Doesn't sound like he's any better than the rest of the Bush Adminstration's choices.

Remember that PBS show that had the rightwing in such a lathr? The one that incidentally referred to someone's two "mothers"? The program was called "Ready to Learn." Funding for it has been 'zeroed-out' by Congress. It doesn't kill the program, but it certainly makes clear the Bush Administration's utter and complete intolerance, doesn't it? If you read the article, you'll see that there's a serious move afoot to kill the Corporation for Public Broadcasting completely.

So, there's "new life" in the Downing Street Memo scandal? And Bush thinks he can pass it off as unimportant?

I hope it brings the Bush Administration and their whole, dirty, bigoted, rightwing cadre down.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:37 PM