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June 14, 2005

As far as I'm concerned, it's an honor roll. The list of Senators being targeted by the Right in '06. (I really hate that floating menu bar at about.com sites.)

David Corn has words worth reading on the Downing Street Memo. (When are we going to -gate this one? What will it be? Downingate? Memogate? Or have we finally come to the point where we realize that what's going on is too serious for cutsie names?)

Thomas Griffith. Another Bush judicial nominee, another potential body-blow to human rights.

How much do we actually spend on defense? (Somehow I suspect this includes DoD budget items like healthcare research which aren't exactly "defense spending.")

War and soldiers. Not everyone makes it. I was moved.

Howard Dean is correct. The Left wants a fight. We're going to have it with or without the Democratic Party. If they want to remain relevant, they can respond to voters' demands.

Max Blumenthal on the Christian Right's New Race-Baiting.

How do you convince a woman, a woman who has ambition to be a serious journalist, that stripping on the air will advance her career? (Sometimes I don't know if I despair more of the men who take advantage of women, or of the women na´ve enough to be taken advantage of. This was no teenager.)

Charlie hits one of my main grievances straight-on at Shades of Grey.

The sad thing is that commercials featuring women pie fighting wouldn't really be offensive to anybody if there existed ads that portrayed men in the same way.

In spite of the Right's occasional denouncements of lesbianism, it's really gay men they fear the most.

Regardless of whether they behave this way because they don't view lesbians as a threat to the traditional power structure (sexism in itself), because the few of them who are straight get off on hot girl-on-girl action, or because a lot of them are closeted and in desperate denial, so they can't see anything but the beautiful boys, the bottom line is that equal treatment is all that's needed, but we're never going to see it.

(I may start linking to Charlie frequently. It's a pleasure to run into another blogger who shares my tendency to abuse italics.)

Less world-shaking, but equally important. Before you tip, ask first who gets the money.

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