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June 14, 2005
Otherwise Annoyed

CAFTA. Looks like what we should be asking is where the "free" part is.

Debt Relief (Short version: Let our corporations in or we'll bring you down.)

Global Warming: The USofA is responsible for too many of the contributing factors.

White House response: Sounds like Someone Else's Problem, to us.

(So. My bet is the DSM and related documents have been released mostly to punish the Bush Administration for not being willing to pay back the political favors they owe Mr. Blair. Any takers?)

The Bush Administration and the neocon agenda: Failing on all counts.

Voting 'irregularities' in Ohio. The evidence keeps mounting (Let me repeat myself. Clear, verifiable, paper ballots protect democracy for both sides of the aisle.)

People. Just one more business resource to be used up and tossed aside.

Guns, guns, and more guns We're bringing peace and democracy to the world!

As in the case of recent decisions to provide new F-16 fighter planes to Pakistan while pledging comparable high-tech military hardware to its rival, India, U.S. arms sometimes go to long-standing rivals who may use these weapons against each other if another conflict breaks out. The fact that F-16s can be outfitted to carry nuclear weapons makes these sales all the more dangerous.

When will the insanity stop?

Meanwhile, the tens of millions of U.S. arms transfers to Uzbekistan exemplify the negative consequences of arming repressive regimes.

Too late.

Bolivia. Okay, there's corruption in high places (Anyone want to pretend that the corporations making billions there haven't contributed to it?) and unrest in the streets. Reading the article, you'll see that the "developed world" has a lot to answer for. (I mean, am I the only one wondering how "billions" can be made in a country and yet leave most of the population in danger of starving and the government dying under a load of massive debt? Am I the only one who finds that morally reprehensible?)

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