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June 21, 2005
Headlines Say....

"Kerry Cautious on Probing 'Downing Street Memo'". Those first two words? Those are why Kerry isn't sitting in the White House today.

"The US War with Iran has Already Begun" which is entirely true, if you consider the pre-bombing propaganda as part of a "war." The Bush Administration's fumble-fingered messing in Iran's recent electoral pie was ridiculous. Are they suffering from some kind of delusion that a message from the USofA would be welcome in Iran these days?

"18 Soldiers Indicted in Hazing Case" Criminy. Maybe torturing people isn't as alien to soldiers as I've been assuming? (What is it with the electric shock treatment?)

"Zim begins destroying vegetable gardens" The world has finally found someone wackier than the rightwing neocons on the subject of the environment.

"Domenici Backs Off Warming Limits" (Annoying registration process required.) Speaking of the environment, it looks like Congress won't be.

" House OKs Emergency Funding for Wars" Another $45 million. In, I might add, a $409 billion defense spending bill. That's $409,000,000,000.00 for "defense."

This brings the tab for Iraq (and, one presumes, Afghanistan) to three hundred billion dollars.

Who was the guy fired for estimating invading Iraq would cost us three hundred billion dollars?

"Progressives to unveil 'core principles'" I wonder if these bear any resemblance to the principles that Progressives out here in the hinterland are interested in? I wonder if they have anything concrete to offer? (I wouldn't object if they just wanted to roll out the 'principles' and have public debate on them first. We'll see.)

It certainly sounds like the Bush Administration is being backed into a corner, but please don't forget that if we successfully impeach Bush, we wind up with Cheney In Charge for real.

If Cheney also goes, we get Dennis Hastert, who seems to be more a DeLay mouthpiece than anything else. (Well, probably. Remember Tricky Dick's example. If Cheney resigns, then Bush appoints whoever he wants as VP and then that person takes over when we run Bush off.) Doesn't do any good to lop off one head. The Hydra doesn't die until you cut off all the heads.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:37 AM