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June 22, 2005
Around the world

I head of that story about the USofA "pounding" some "insurgents" yesterday and, embarrassingly enough, I tuned it out as another Iraq story on a day when I had too much else going on to investigate. Turns out I should have listened more closely. We're fighting "insurgents" in Afghanistan.

Afghan and U.S. forces kill 32 Taliban, retake town.

Except there's debate about how many people were killed (some say 40, some say 60), and they weren't "Taliban" in all of the stories, they were "suspected insurgents."

You remember Afghanistan, right? The place where terrorists actually are but that we couldn't wait to get away from? We don't get many stories on how the remaining USofA troops are doing there any more.

Experts Warn Of Future WMD Attack

There is a 70 percent risk that the world will experience an attack with a weapon of mass destruction within the next 10 years, according to arms experts.

And we should know. We sold most of that stuff.

The Guardian talks about Iraq, the Downing Street Memos, and the reversal of public interest between the U.K. and USofA.

The administration has been put on the defensive, lamely insisting that the decision for war was only taken in February 2003. Some Democrats believe the distance between that claim and these memos supplies the vital element of any scandal: proof that the president lied. They argue that if a fib about a dalliance with an intern was enough to see Bill Clinton impeached, lies that led to the deaths of 1,600 US troops and hundreds of thousands of uncounted and unnamed Iraqi civilians deserve at least the same treatment.

That's not going to happen - at least not while Republicans control both the House and Senate, chairing the committees that are meant to investigate such matters. It's also true that, while the mainstream US press has given space to the DSM issue, much of the coverage has sought to play down the documents' importance. (Having failed to expose the holes in the administration's case before the war, the American media is perhaps embarrassed to show how gaping those holes were.)

Perhaps they are.

Another look at Africa and aid.

American policy is based overwhelmingly on the idea that Africa can lift itself out of extreme poverty through its own efforts, that aid is largely misused because of corruption, and that the United States already gives generous amounts. This is wrong on all counts: Africa is trapped in poverty, many countries are well poised to use aid effectively, and America’s contribution is tiny relative to Africa’s needs, America’s promises and America’s wealth.

We give almost nothing (comparatively speaking) and it's loaded with conditions.

What the heck is going on in Mexico? Is some kind of civil war about to break out in the southern part of the country?

An amazing tornado picture from Canada.

In Saipan, a volcano rumbles.

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