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June 24, 2005
A Few More Links

I just had to call Ken Salazar's office (I do that so often any more he's programmed into my cell phone) and leave a message that I don't support a flag-burning amendment and I don't think he and Congress should be wasting taxpayer dollars on something so unnecessary.

Why can't Congressional Dems see that this is mere window-dressing for the Republicans? The Right knows this isn't an issue for the voters, they know no one cares and very few people support such an amendment. It's just a cheesy attempt to get themselves "patriot" points.

Anyhow. The news.

I knew that just because someone's in the military, it's not safe to assume they're a Republican. I knew it. Maybe someone should tell Karl Rove (202-456-2369) about these patriotic Democrats, 'cause he doesn't seem to be aware of them.

Zimbabwe's government is still getting heat for their game of Extreme Eminent Domain.

Remember that fuss over magnanimous "debt relief" a week or two ago? I've been trying to find the catch ever since.

The World Tribunal on Iraq is supposed to release their report today. (DeepDish TV site with downlink, for those media-enabled.)

"The World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) has been convened to bring international law to bear on America" aggressive behaviour around the world, with particular emphasis on the Iraq war. This represents an historic attempt by the people of the world to hold states and their leaders responsible for severe violations of international law.

If Bush really is that homophobic, would he be appointing openly gay men to government positions?

13,000 IBM jobs are leaving the USofA and Europe, but never fear. The company isn't in trouble or anything. India will be getting around 14,000.

More humorously, Tales From the Department of Homeland Ineptitude.

(Color me so entertained. How did I miss this on Captain Jack Harkness?)


CE Petro has a story about an underhanded attempt to kill a federal science center and an "abuse of power."

We knew. We knew. We said it would happen, and it's happening. Flushed with the triumph of their victory over those slutty wimmin what has sex outside of sanctified marriage and probably not even in the missionary position, many pharmacists have now decided that it's against their moral values to prescribe such civilization-destroying substances as pain relievers. Avedon Carol has the story.

(Am I the only one still waiting for Viagra to hit the list?)

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