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July 07, 2005

Every now and then I check my saved links and find some really good stuff.

Like The Best of Tomdispatch: Rebecca Solnit. There's a thoughtful introduction, then Solnit's essay, Acts of Hope. It's about history. It's about democracy. It's about peace. It's about protest. It's about quitting too soon. It's about hope.

Or David Corn's Cheney, Gitmo and Halliburton: Fact Is Odder Than Fiction. Not a long article, but a handy one for those of us who want to remember what Halliburton is getting out of this war ($$$$$$$$$$$) and who want to keep tabs on what's happening at Gitmo.

With one, or maybe two Supreme Court seats coming up for grabs it seems worth linking to David Sirota's How to Build a Progressive Bench. Some good links there.

Juan Cole arguing with Bush.

James Wolcott's "Do The Right Thing, Then Go" entry. De-escalating violence in Iraq sounds like a good idea.

And Avedon Carol points us to the gleeful-sounding reception FOX News gave the London terrorist attack.

Billmon encapsulates how I felt about today's terrorist attack on London. It hurts the child in me.

I assume that after my earlier pointer to the site, most of you already read all about The World Tribunal On Iraq? Did you see this Culminating Session Testimony and More Evidence Indicts U.S.? Did you see The Common Ills had a round-up of how the Tribunal was covered by the media?

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