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July 12, 2005

Okay, I thought I'd get away with a no-blogging day, but it's not working out.

First, I read this and made the mistake of posting a comment reminding everyone that in this country it's theoretically still "innocent until proven guilty" and that while I think the investigation of this matter should continue, it's premature to call for resignation (or, as some commenters were, prison) for Rove at this point.

I got sneered at in the comments section, but I can live with that. (But I made a mental note that Americablog isn't the place I'm looking for to find reasoned discussion of anything.)

Then I read this, which led me to this and yet more demands for Rove's resignation.

I muttered, "innocent until proven guilty, dammit!" three times and thought with despair of our legal system and the damage that this idiotic urge for revenge is doing. (Yes, Congress went nuclear on Clinton and it was irrational, and an idiotic waste of time and money. Get over it. They're supposed to be the wingnuts, not us.)

Anyhow. I moved on, and I read this and there it is...another example of "guilty until proven innocent...if you can."

Am I the only one who sees these things as related?

Rove seems guilty. From what we've heard, he is guilty, but we have laws to handle these things and someone has to start insisting that we use them again.

And we have to do something about the irrationality of the No-Fly list. We don't know how they compiled this list, we don't know who's on it, and we don't know what else they're doing with whatever information it is they may or may not have collected about these people. Isn't anyone else worried about this?

While we're at it, we really need to stop the so-called "Patriot" act from being renewed, this time without the automatic sunset provisions. (Those things we can and should be doing to make our country safer, can and should be done without the problems created by the creeping fascism of that legislation.) Unless we're happy about taking another step toward a permanent police state, we need to let the hastily passed and ill-considered "Patriot" act lapse. Then we can put together some kind of sensible legislation that addresses actual problems or the places that we all know security is lax. (Which doesn't mean targeting environmental groups, no matter how much the "tree-huggers" get up Bush's nose. But does mean worrying about home-grown, Oklahoma City-style rightwing terrorists.)

Posted by AnneZook at 01:02 PM


I have a similar reaction, sometimes. Part of the problem, though, is the admitted unreliability of the criminal justice system at resolving guilt in political circumstances. Not to mention the low likelihood that someone like Karl Rove would face vigorous prosecution under this justice department (and a Republican congress isn't likely to authorize special prosecutors, unless their activist and backer groups suddenly grow a spine and a conscience).

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at July 13, 2005 05:17 PM