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July 13, 2005

In Africa, it's all about the oil and other resources. On the resource-rich continent, the division of revenue is a vital and somewhat divisive question.

As a matter of fact, it's all about the oil in a lot of places these days.

And, talking about oil, what about Iraq?

As always, Democracy Arsenal made me think. I'm probably arguing out of my depth on such a brainy site, but I'm willing to risk looking stupid in order to maybe learn something.

They're arguing that there's some kind of parallel between the Bush Administration's invasion of Iraq and the Clinton Administration's intervention in Bosnia, but I don't see it. (Of course, if you look at the results of our Iraqi invasion, considering just civilian casualties, there's a sad sort of death of a lot of innocent civilians comparison possible.)

Neocons = terrorists is an interesting idea to consider.

Things don't look good in Afghanistan.

Concentration of power in too few hands is almost never a good idea. And, as Enron showed us, it can be especially damaging in the power industry. This is such a bad bill.

Would you support an oil company boycott? (Isn't Exxon-Mobile a Halliburton subsidy? That might be reason enough to boycott them, right there.) I've been scoping out the Citgo stations around Denver. I'm putting my (gas) money where my principles are. (And checking out public transportation in the hopes I can find a way to work that doesn’t stretch my one-way commute from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.)

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