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July 13, 2005
The Plame Blame Game

I think Woodward is wrong, not that I'm any expert on this whole situation.

This isn't protection of a whistle-blower. I would approve if that was what was the principle at stake, but revealing the name of an undercover CIA operative for political 'revenge' on her husband is not "whistle-blowing" by any stretch of the imagination.

Also? Miller didn't write a story. She's not a journalist in jail to protect Freedom of the Press. She's in jail because reportedly someone revealed information to her illegally and she's refusing to say who. She's an accessory to a crime.

Steve Chapman argues a similar point, but he almost makes me change my mind because it's easy for me to imagine the Bush Administration (or a subsequent, similar one) getting a court order or claiming "the law" (Patriot Act, anyone?) protects some information that actually should be public. I continue to think the whole "protecting my source" thing should hinge on whistle-blowing. Trying to broaden the protection doesn't really work for me.

Speaking of neocon idiocies, read MoJo Blog for reconsideration of that whole "yellow-cake" thing that led to the Plame problem in the first place.

Josh Marshall suggests we save a few thoughts for Bolton. The Rove-Plame Affair may scoop in Bush's failing U.N. nominee. That's be cool, wouldn't it? A two-fer! (Steve Clemons seems to be on the same trail.)

Posted by AnneZook at 08:03 AM