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July 14, 2005
What else is happening?

127 Killed As Trains Collide in Pakistan

Three trains collided in a deadly chain reaction in southern Pakistan after a train driver misread a signal early Wednesday, killing at least 127 people and injuring hundreds in the country's worst crash in more than a decade, police and railway officials said.

Children die in Baghdad car bomb

At least 26 Iraqis, almost all of them children, have been killed by a suicide car bombing in south-eastern Baghdad.

Hunt for child killers in Kenya

President Mwai Kibaki has appealed for calm as he vowed that police would hunt down the perpetrators of a massacre in a north-east Kenyan village.

Hundreds of armed men surrounded a primary school and nearby houses and opened fire as children were making their way to school early on Tuesday.

Some days, the international news just breaks my heart.

Domestically, campaign finance reform is in danger.

Montana's National Guardsmen are fighting 'terrorists' in Iraq, which means they're not helping fight fires at home.

(The sign on our office door says, "no soliciting." Why does every salesperson who gets off the elevator assume we don't mean it? Another one of life's little mysteries.)

Speaking of judicial "activism," exactly what kind of political bias makes a judge decide that other members of the judiciary aren't fit to hear a case? If I were a judge, regardless of my political affiliation, I'd be totally outraged by this slur on my professional ethics.

(I can never remember...which is libel and which is slander? Libel is when you put it in writing, I think.)

Your spiritual beliefs are your personal business and I do think you should have the freedom to believe as you will. On the other hand, as I've said before, I really don't believe you're entitled to tax breaks. I think it's past time that "religions" starting paying their fair share of the cost of running this country, the way other businesses do.

Remember Abramoff? Jack's one of the guys being investigated for criminal wrongdoing around some very unsavory-sounding lobbying deals, remember? I think he's one of Tom's friends? Anyhow, looks like a couple of Jack's people just heard the call to relocate in a different country. How con-ven-ient.

I'd say the Right is losing control of the mess they've made and they know it. I can tell because they're doing more and more name-calling. They're like a bunch of spoilt little brats, aren't they? I mean, they all act like they're about nine. Maybe it's time we gave the neo-con rightwing a time-out?


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