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July 13, 2005

Zach's father is proud enough of having sent his son off to a fundamentalist re-programming cult to have given an interview about it.

Note how the article entirely disregards the world-wide coverage of Zach's story and makes the protestors sound like a small group of 'local' homosexuals.

The article is fairly even-handed in quoting both supporters and detractors of the program, but cites the ban on "secular" music without mentioning that some of the world's most famous composers are banned, and fails to mention that "suggestive" clothing isn't all that's banned. Any clothing from a company that the LIA/R* organizers don't approve of is also banned.

And those aren't the weirdest rules, by any means.

My heart goes out to Zach. I also hope his parents wise up and see that their son is more important than their prejudices, before they lose him.

(* Always visit Terrance, and not just for the latest on Zach's story.)

Posted by AnneZook at 04:07 PM