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July 19, 2005
Oil, Bodies, and Guns

Will Iraq's oil resources be the country's saving or its ruin?

War or a healthy economy...we can't have both.

What's happening to the pictures of war dead and wounded? Our national media is notably free of images of the cost of war. Seems that it isn't the photographers, who are sending what they can get. It's the Corporate Management, deciding the public doesn't need to see them. Apparently, according to the article, dead or wounded USofA soldiers aren't appropriate images and there's a feeling that the war's supporters wouldn't be so keen if they had to look at pictures of a few dead bodies. Or a few blood-soaked children.

Angered by City Council's vote to ban some types of assault weapons, the National Rifle Association has pulled its 2007 annual convention from Columbus.

I think Columbus is better off without hordes of assault rifle-lovin' conventioneers on their streets. (registration)

The city cautioned the NRA in December, while it was negotiating the convention, that the ban might be coming, Mentel said. Officials wondered whether the NRA might have agreed to hold the convention in Columbus so it could yank it if the weapons ban was passed to make a point.

In case you were wondering, this is quite possible.

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