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July 20, 2005

Today we say goodby to Scotty. James Doohan, Star Trek's much put-upon Chief Engineer. Sigh.

. . . .

What I do like to see is bad legislation, headed off before the pass.

Charming. George Bush isn't even pretending to care about nuclear nonproliferation these days. I wonder if it's possible to explain reality to these people at all, or if they're just too far 'round the bend? The word of Solomon (as in, "Norman") on the subject. (Both via Cursor.)

Remember that, "Don't Do This" discussion? Colorado Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo was asked a stupid question by a talk radio nitwit and he gave a really stupid answer. The question shouldn't have been asked. (Or should have been phrased more sensibly, but what was Campbell doing, asking Tancredo such a question anyhow? Tancredo doesn't control our defense policy. I think Campbell was fishing for an extremist answer and he got it.) The answer was ill-considered, but the repercussions (largely in Colorado and the Middle East) are significant. So, let's add, "don't let yourself be baited" to the list. It's good advice for both sides.

I asn't going to talk about Roberts today, Supreme Court nominee or not, because I'm reserving judgement until I read more about him. On the other hand, if the Achenblog wants to discuss the nomination, I'm okay with that.

And with Ellis Henican, if he wants to write about the nomination.

In the arena of questions I don't know the answer to is, "'How can there be reconciliation without justice for the victims?'.

In the, well duh department, "GOP admits pick 'covered' for Rove.

In the "anything but journalism" column, we find ourselves wondering if C*ulter is adding plagiarism to her other attractive talents? It's entirely possible that she's simply barren of any original ideas, you know.

Forget your worries about kids today and sex. Worry about your children being taught hate through a video game.

Resistance Records began advertising the game on Martin Luther King day, using the slogan: "Celebrate Martin Luther King Day with a virtual Race War!"

The National Alliance says this is just the beginning - a whole range of racist videogames are promised in the future, including Turner Diaries: The Game, based on a book by NA leader William Pierce. It's set in a world where "Aryans" attempt to murder all non-whites and Jewish people with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. The book's fans include, or rather included, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Short of reading that a feature of the game is winning a "harem" of subservient wimmin to do your bidding, I don't know that it's possible for me to be more appalled.

(Last three links via RawStory.)

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