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July 24, 2005
Saved Links

From time to time I have, yes, wondered if the MSM is really the cabal of ratings-obsessed slackers that those of us interested in real news claim. That made this chart reassuring. (Well, not reassuring as such. I would rather have been proven to be wrong.)

We have me the enemy, and he is us. At least, he's ostensibly a citizen of this country. He isn't "us" by any stretch of the imagination but it's scary how many lunatics agree with his kind of thinking.

PlameGate. It really, really, really does matter.

The exposure of Valerie Plame's cover by the White House is the same as the local chief of police announcing to the media the identity of its undercover drug officers. In both cases, the ability of the officer to operate is destroyed, but there is also an added dimension. An informant in a major sophisticated crime network, or a CIA asset working in a foreign government, if exposed, has a rather good chance of losing more than just their ability to operate.

Testimony courtesy of the Democratic Party, since the Republicans found themselves unable to participate.

While reading David Corn, I saw this book discussion but I already have far too many books waiting to be read. I don't have time to read the one recommended here, on the federal appointments process, either.

Did you read the Tobias entry about the cult of fundamentalism? (Scroll down)

I dunno. I was contemplating The Truman Project with interest, but now I have doubts, at least about the name. Per the link in my previous post, they may be better off renaming the project. Still, they're still discussing Truman and "new" Democrats over there and there's been a lot of thought-provoking posting.

Atrios was right. I searched Google News and found three links to the story. She's young, attractive, pregnant, and missing. But not white.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:40 AM


I know what you mean about the Truman Democrats, Liberals against Terror, etc., After the MoveOn people morphed from a nice, neat single-purpose coalition that I supported wholeheartedly into an ongoing movement that just had ideas of its own, I began to be nervous about signing on to groups. Historians Against War is another one: I signed it when there was a chance to stop the rush to war, but it's gone on to take positions about withdrawal, etc, that I do not support.

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at July 24, 2005 11:59 PM

Precisely. I'm not a big "joiner" but I'm willing to join groups whose aims I agree with, to get our voices heard.

"Mission creep." It's not just for armies.

Posted by: Anne at July 28, 2005 11:47 AM