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July 24, 2005
PATRIOT(ism) and Other Topics

The so-called Patriot Act. It's important And it's not too late.

And there's nothing patriotic about rape.

Commenters. Sheesh. Sometimes the mind boggles:

When we're talking about terrorism and bombings that may kill anywhere from tens to millions, the gloves are considered off by me and most civilized humans.

Clearly this is some new definition of "civilized" to which I have not previously been introduced. Because I'm still wondering how a spot of civilized torture stops people from hating you.

(And pardon me for pointing to an Atrios entry and mentioning one more time that a little less blindness about anything labeled "church" would be a very good idea.)

I was going to have a few words to say about the London police killing an innocent man in their search for terrorists, but I have a certain amount of sympathy for the police who made the mistake. After two bombings in two weeks....

There are a lot of Estate Tax Myths that need debunking.

I was also going to post sympathy for Egypt and some links to those bombings but the topic seems to have been reasonably well covered in the world o'blog. I did see that there was another incident. No casualties, thank goodness.

Liberal and Islam, an interesting combination to consider.

I didn't realize those California grannies were having quite to much trouble with the National Guard.

And, finally, in the "well, duh" department, genetically modified seeds have cross-pollinated with weeds to create super-weeds. Those of us who object to genetic modification aren't some kind of Luddites. We just think that the rush to market with these products was dangerous.

Posted by AnneZook at 06:52 PM