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July 27, 2005
Taking It Easy

Me, I mean. For a few days, blogging will be light, just because I'm feeling like a slacker. (Also, after having fought off yet another avalanche of comment spam, I'm tired of looking at this blog.)

Before I go (again), a few links....

For those interested, an update on Venezuela. Chavez asks for respect. He says he has proof we've gone as far as planning an invasion of his country to secure their oil (not that unbelievable, is it?). And they continue to demand that we extradite accused bomber Posada. Which we seem remarkably reluctant to do. He must be the kind of "terrorist" that we're not actually fighting in the so-called war on "terror". (Oh. I forgot. We're not fighting that war any more, are we?)

I'm interested in the Senate deciding that protecting the gun lobby was more important than how we fight struggle against that whole terror extremism thing. (I could go to town on the dangers implicit in this semantic shift, but I assume you're all on top of it.) Except that I'm seeing conflicting stories, about whether or not the Senate is actually moving, so I'm not sure what the real story is.

The big story I'm following at the moment is the labor movement separation.

Well, that, and CAFTA.

And the fact that CNN actually covered Latoyia Figueroa's disappearance. (There's a way you can help.)

And the ongoing investigation of terrorists...extremists...bombers in the U.K..

And the fact that the GOP is now offering bounties on politicians' heads.

And the mounting problems in Afghanistan.

And I'm all over being amused, in a really ugly kind of way, at the Bush Administration desperately citing the Geneva Conventions as a defense against releasing more prisoner abuse photos. You know the prisoners I mean. We all do. They're those prisoners the Geneva Conventions don't apply to.

Other than that, though, I'm slacking.

(April 13, 2029. A date to keep an eye on. And maybe 2036.)

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