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August 24, 2005
Just Stopping By

What if we outsourced all our jobs to India but they didn't have enough employees to do the work?

CRJDaily catches the E&P twisting reality to provide itself with a more sensational headline. Naughty, naughty.

Remember Afghanistan?

If it's not about sex, it's not an important crime is a pretty lousy message to send.

Florida. Bush. Gore. Do you know who really won?

The water is not safe to drink. The fish are not safe to eat. The air is not safe to breathe.

Actually, I'm planning to go on an Alaskan cruise next year. I've wanted to go for years and now it's occurred to me that if I don't hurry up, there may not be any more glaciers to see.

(Why is everyone so wound up about Robertson making stupid remarks? Has it escaped everyone's attention that he regularly makes half-witted remarks? He's a nutcase who would be a big nobody if the national media didn't keep handing him headlines.)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:22 AM


If you visit American city
you will find it very pretty
just of two things you must beware:
don't drink the water and don't breathe the air!

(Tom Lehrer, quoted from memory).

Unfortunately it is pretty much the same in Old Europe.

Posted by: Bengt O. at August 24, 2005 01:07 PM

Fish gotta swim and bats gotta fly,
but they won't last long if they try

Yeah, you got that right (It's hard to forget a Tom Lehrer lyric. Or maybe it's just the frequency with which I listened to them growing up.)

Tom Paxton said, in connection with "Whose Garden Was This?" (which makes the same point with a bit more poignancy) that the worst fate for a topical songwriter was to have a song be relevant thirty years later....

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at August 25, 2005 03:15 AM