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August 29, 2005
Swaziland, Again

I guess King Can't-Get-Enuf is looking for wife number 876 or something. (Okay, 13, but still.)

“I want to live a nice life, have money, be rich, have a BMW and cellphone,” said one dancer, 16-year-old Zodwa Mamba, who wore a traditional brightly colored tasseled scarf.

When you consider the odds of her getting little but AIDS (or starving to death) if she doesn't catch the king's eye, who can blame her?

Monday’s ceremony was the culmination of a week of preparations, which included the lifting of a royal ban on sex with virgins, decreed in 2001 to help rein in HIV.

Days after reviving the ancient ban, Mswati in 2001, married a virgin and fined himself one cow. Last week he lifted the five-year ban a year early, ordering thousands of maidens to throw off chastity scarves worn to ward of preying men.

What? He ran out of cows?

Posted by AnneZook at 12:37 PM