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September 01, 2005

China and the USofA don't seem to be any closer to reaching an agreement on that battle over textile imports.

The government in Yemen is threatening journalists.

Gasoline prices are skyrocketing at the pumps. I forgot to gas up earlier this week and it's going to cost me 40 cents a gallon more than it would have cost me last week. If I can find any.

The economy does not look good.

I guess the politicians are worried about business donors. Why else would the mayor order the police to stop rescuing people and protect corporate inventory, instead? I swore I'd stop blogging the aftermath of the hurricane, after those last two posts, but let me point out that 'stealing' food and water when you haven't had any of either for days isn't really a felony and shouldn't be treated as such. The people stealing big-screen televisions are another matter...but this matter of looting just isn't as clear-cut as it appears.

Browsing the NYTimes Op-Eds, I found Life in the Bottom 80 Percent, a column that points out that median household income has been stagnant since Rove&Co inflicted Bush on us five years ago.

And, in one of those, Hey, look who's been eating their Wheaties! moments, the next article in the Op-Ed line-up was Banished Whistle-Blowers about the Bush Administration's policy of punishing or firing people who try to expose the government trifling with the facts.

(In a similar, but different, event, is it really appropriate to fire a teacher for discussing current events?)

Our help against the spread of AIDS in Uganda is not helping. Big surprise.

When I first started poking around news sites online, this story was one of the first that fascinated me. Dow-Carbide.

And, speaking of toxic waste, don't be fooled by reports of only minor chemical spills in New Orleans. The sheer volume of waste from cleaning products in homes alone can create a dangerous toxic sludge. And it's going to be all over the land and draining into the fertile Gulf.

Iran is still pursing nuclear weapons, and experiencing some success.

Bush has finally admitted that our invasion of Iraq was about oil. (Can we please get that poseur off the decks of our ships? I can't decide if it's the cheesiness or the bland hypocrisy that annoys me more, but it makes me queasy every time I read about one of those codpiece photo ops.)

953. That's the number of Iraqi deaths so far in that Shi'ite bridge panic, and make no mistake, these are deaths directly attributable to our invasion of the country and should be counted as such.

Interesting story about the drafting of interim Constitution. And an editorial on the Constitution under development. And Iraq's civil war.

Matthew Rothschild take a smack at Bush's Iraq disaster, too.

And what's Al-Qaeda bribery scandal thing all about? Granted, no one person can follow all of the news these days, but I thought I was keeping a reasonably close eye on that type of thing.

Ohio. Voting. Ballot counting. Fraud. Let's not forget that story.

I can't read this any other way but to understand that Bolton wants the U.N. (and the USofA) to be free to use force...but not obligated to use it to protect people. I'd comment...but we knew he was an unmitigated disaster when Bush shoved him down the planet's throat, so what's left to say?

Looks like some states have decided to back scientific 'theory' after all. They're suing to protect their forests from logging.

And, to finish, read the Achenblog

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